McKinsey & Company

McKinsey and Company are among the ace and most reputable business management consulting firms. A number of Fortune 1000 firm’s senior management, MNCs and private institutions, NGOs and public/government organizations are served by them. This global management consulting firm is said to be an honest advisor to the nation’s leading governments, institutions and businesses. They work with reputed organizations across the social, public and private sectors. Their scope, scale and knowledge help them address problems which nobody else can. Known for their industry and deep functional expertise, the company never steps back when it comes to take up challenges.

Rating 4.5



Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group has been one of the dominant consulting firms and its area engulfs research, solution making, and business framework apart from management consultation. One notable feature of Boston Consulting Group is that it has been rated with high employee satisfaction, in terms of time of work, quality of work life, training and culture. As a truly global firm, its strong global presence offers clients a wealth of cross-cultural experience.

Rating 4.2



Bain Consulting India Pvt Ltd

This global consulting firm has offices in all important cities. They play a leading role in coming up with big decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions, organization, technology, and strategy. It has created its niche in the market by dint of excellent strategic business solutions to various MNCs. They do a lot of data analysis and hence they call in for a lot of technical people savvy about the computer. Their most innovative aspect is that the seniors who have hands-on experience in the business train the new recruits.

Rating 4.0



AT Kearney

The Company is a global group of insightful, innovative as well as collaborative experts who may deliver meaningful, creative and sustainable results. Their team of management consultants generates strong strategic insights for addressing real world and practical needs. The company has its branches spread uniformly across the globe. It shot into prominence by being an advisor to CXO and other top managements.

Rating 3.9



Accenture Business Services

This is a global management, outsourcing and technology services company. Combining unmatched experience, complete capabilities across all industries and business functions and vast research on the most successful companies of the world, Accenture coordinates with clients to help them become great performance governments and businesses.They have four platforms Accenture strategy, Accenture Digital, Accenture Technology and Accenture Operations that assures world class consulting services.

Rating 3.8



Tata Strategic Management Group

This management group is one of the recognized management consulting companies in South Asia. With more than seventeen years of management consulting experience, they hold a prominent position amongst the top 5 management consulting companies in the area. They have helped clients across several sectors create spirited advantage and maintain superior performance. The mission of this company is “ TO HELP OUR CLIENTS SUCCEED BY CREATING LONG TERM VALUE FOR THEIR STAKEHOLDERS.”

Rating 3.3



KVP Business Solutions

The domain of this company is outsourcing, business optimization, human resources and sales and marketing development.They are passionate about our actions; they act with strong integrity and fairness to all stakeholders, they foster strong mutual trust and teamwork. They support to their customers with a strong will to drive change and with humility to deliver customer delight.

Rating 3.3



PRTM Management Consultants

PRTM's management consultants work with senior executives to develop and implement innovative operational strategies that deliver breakthrough results. The firm is a leader in operational strategy, supply chain, product development, and customer value management. PRTM has 18 offices worldwide and serves major industry and global public sectors.

Rating 3.2



Madras Consultancy Group

Madras Consultancy Group (McG), Chennai, India, was founded in 1985 to provide management consulting, and market research services. McG has carried out assignments in a wide range of industries, from steel and aluminium to telecom and automotive products. MCG assists clients in developing Market Entry Strategies, conducts Industry Studies, B2B Market Research and Analysis, Feasibility Studies and offers Marketing Advisory Services.Over the last decade, MCG has developed consulting and research capabilities in several regions worldwide and has undertaken several multi-country studies.

Rating 3.0



Arshiya International Ltd

A pioneer in the development of Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZs) in the country, Arshiya has several firsts to its credit: it is the only free zone developer operating 2 FTWZs and the largest private container train operator with pan-India operations. It also has the advantage of owning the only Private Inland Container Depot (ICD) with the largest number of rail sidings in the country. The Company is a flagship company of the Arshiya Group and has its headquarters in India. Known for having multinational operations in supply chain management and logistics, the company deserves a mention for its accorded status.

Rating 2.8