Tech2, A Network18 online venture is now the widest reach technology media brand. The core brand of the website provided text, audio and video content for techies. It provides regular updates on newly launched devices, products are coming up & getting big in near future that would affect our daily lives. The websites also provides regular podcasts on personal technology for techfreaks. You can also compare Websites and new gadgets at this Site and also you can play contests, watch videos and must go to it’s how to Tab it teaches some awesome things.

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Gizmodo is a very useful website for gadget lovers. Gizmodo features the latest news of gadgets. This website is best guide for gadgets. It also displays news for apple ios, android and windows operating system. This website is the ultimate stop for gadget lovers. All the latest gadget launches including Smartphone’s, Tablets, Cameras, iphone, etc. are discussed. The news on software launched and their function enhances the technical knowledge immensely.

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If you want to get the scoop on technology startups, then TechCrunch is the news source for you. This publication highlights the business side of tech innovation, covering major acquisitions, funding sources, and product launches. You can browse news based on brand names, such as Google, Apple, or Twitter. This website review new internet portals, websites and products.

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The slogan of DigitalTrends is “upgrade your lifestyle” says all about this website. The website aims at apprising people with the latest state of the art technology in vogue. Its extensive information on a wide range of products is mind-boggling. The website covers breaking news for mobiles, gaming devices, home theatres, computers, laptops and lifestyle products. There is plenty to know about cars, music and photography. Moreover, its coverage of news for apple and its products is simply startling. The best iphone applications are covered on the website.

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Among top few sites, this one is the best tech news website to get the info about gadgets, technology, reviews on smartphones, tech videos. It also covers latest topics like smart home devices and electronic accessories related to cars. The website offers well researched news articles which are edifying and educational. Videos on various topics like latest news and products of Apple, Facebook, iphone, etc. are very beneficial and keeps the people adept at latest trends and products available in the market.

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The website stands out from the rest because of its exhaustive and extensive coverage of technical news reports. The future trends in technology are discussed in detail. This website gives the news about new gadgets, autopia, science, entertainment, business, security devices, video series, and design. This foray of the website is a paradise for web developers and web designers because of the valuable information they get.

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This website allows you to gain knowledge about technology. It has many trending topics like new released tablets, mobiles and laptops. It publishes top smartphones rankings yearly. It also provides the latest news for operating systems based on android. The availability of the latest apps, and their features is discussed in detail. Besides this, there is a lot of information for car lovers. It gives a detail description about the technology added to the modern day cars. It gives a comparison of various features of the technology used in cars presently.

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TheNextWeb world’s largest online publisher that deliver latest information for internet technology, new devices & info related to tech companies. More than publishing company, it looks like a blog and website’s user interface is very smooth and relatively easy to use site compare to other tech news websites. Also they organize conferences especially for techfreaks to connect them at one place and they are doing these conferences all over the world.The appealing part is the focus on the next generation gadgets as well. It provides the latest news on games, software, designer assets, web services and gadgets launched in the market. There is a comprehensive coverage of the lifestyle products as well.

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Mashable is one such good website that every techie will relate to. They post on mostly latest technology, gadget reviews, social media tips. They also cover new startups related to tech. They will post three to five new articles everyday so that users can covers all the news of the day. It provides the ultimate bliss for the tech aficionados. It has an incredible array of dazzling videos about the latest technology including various applications, software, design, etc. It provides all the vital and latest resources, news and information related to technical advancements.

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TheVerge is very popular in very less time. It covers most of the topics on technology like smartphones, apple, android, ios, google, laptop reviews and tablet reviews etc. The Verge allows readers to compare product specifications and research product availability. The product information provided is precise. The website has a matchless for its contribution towards the betterment of the society. The reports it offers on how the technology affects the society are distinctive and outstanding.

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